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Why Northern Michigan?

Northern Michigan has enchanted me since I can remember. It always was, and still continues to be, an escape to lazy beach days and peaceful star-filled nights, a common gathering place for my large extended family and home to the most amazing sunsets you’ve ever seen. I’ve been lucky enough to call it my home for 8 years now; the best years of my life. It is a place of beauty, respite and most importantly, love. My parents were engaged here, my grandparents retired here, I met my husband here and now we get to raise our daughter here. Here. My here is Arcadia – a sleepy town nestled in the trees on the shores of Lake Michigan. No matter where your “here” is, we undoubtedly share the same love for this beautiful part of the mitten.

Why Me?

I have lived and breathed weddings for the better part of my adult life. Ten plus years of experience has taken me through nearly every facet of the wedding industry; from selling venue space to catering, floral design to event planning, cake creation, disc jockeying and even schlepping dresses for a bridal gown boutique. I also hold a degree in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University, where I graduated with honors. (Go Green!) With strict attention to detail and a creative approach to event design, I proudly harbor all of the necessary skills to make your wedding day extraordinary. Along the way I have amassed an amazing network of the finest wedding professionals in the business who work with me to make your wedding one to remember. Whether you are looking for an organized “Day Of” planner to keep your event running smoothly or a dreamer with big ideas to help take your wedding to the next level from beginning to end, you’ve come to the right place.


Chelsea Chapin

Springerle Events

Why Springerle?

Springerle are German cookies imprinted with an intricate design by pressing a mold (most commonly a board filled with several different designs) onto the dough and allowing the impression to dry several days before baking. The drying process preserves the detail of the pattern on the cookie.


Springerle boards are something of an heirloom for a German family, passed down from generation to generation. Hand carved from beech-wood, the board is personalized with designs specific to the family’s hometown such as the local church or a certain flower. This is the case for my family's Springerle board; passed down four generations and carried overseas by my great grandmother as she voyaged to these United States when she was just 18 years old.

Much like a Springerle, there is a great deal of detail impressed upon your event before it is executed. Weeks and months of planning and preparation help to ensure that your day is perfectly intricate, just like a Grossmama slaving over her Springerle. The analogy was not lost on me as I settled on the perfect name for this passion project.

"We had such a wonderful wedding day! We can't thank you enough for all your hard work with every last detail!     I have no idea what I would have done with your help."   - L  + B

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